Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Translator Needed For Ethiopian Maid Accused Of Beheading Sponsor’s Daughter

KUWAIT CITY, April 17: The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Hani Hamdan has set May 16, 2012, to look into the case of an unidentified Ethiopian maid who is accused of allegedly murdering the daughter of her sponsor to give time for the Embassy of the Republic of Ethiopia to arrange for a translator during the session, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Case papers indicate on Nov 17, 2011, the maid killed the victim (her head was separated from her torso) and headed for the airport in a vain attempt to leave the country.

However, personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department were able to take the maid into custody a few minutes before the plane took off from the airport.

According to the victim’s family, 25-year-old daughter was preparing for the wedding ceremony but she was found dead in her bedroom one day earlier.

She was allegedly murdered in her sleep. Reports say the victim might have woken up when the suspect stabbed her and tried to resist but a machete blow to the neck severed her head from the body.

The victim’s family says there was no friction of any kind between the maid and the victim before the incident. The family also says the maid was not subjected to any harassment, whether by the victim or any member of the family.