Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mr Gay World: Ethiopia delegate disowned, told to commit suicide by father

The Ethiopian delegate, Robel Hailu, is a student in South Africa and after his candidacy was announced on Ethiopian radio, a storm broke loose in his home country, there were threats to his life and he was disinherited by his family. Even worse, his father called him and said that it is the last time they will ever speak, that he has brought incredible shame on his family and that he must kill himself to save his soul. Ethiopia is after Mali, the second most homophobic country in Africa, with 97% of the population condemning homosexuality according to a recent poll.
Robel is now sleeping on a sofa at the mercy of a friend in a one-roomed flat with his monthly allowance cut off and the rest of his family, even siblings and cousins, forbidden to have contact with him, let alone help him - not that any would. His tuition fees were paid in advance for the year by his father before the news broke, but he has no income since the end of February and is looking for work - which is very difficult in South Africa for African foreigners due to xenophobia and corruption.

(i post this story just to inform whats goin on. highly edited from the original article. but i believe this is one of the serious challenges from the Ethiopian Diaspora."I have a [big] job to do for Ethiopia, and for African Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) rights" said  Robel Hailu am afraid he had nothing to do for any Ethiopian society.being a gay or a lesbian is a crime in Ethiopia.)