Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ethiopia’s geothermal plant to begin operations in 2015

A 70MW Aluto-Langano geothermal power plant recently set-up in Ethiopia is likely to commence operations in April 2015
Gosaye Mengistie, director of energy study and development, said 78 per cent of the plant’s construction is complete. Once it has been fully completed, it is expected to increase the country’s power generation capacity from 7MW to 70MW.
The project was launched in 2013, and is supported by a US$12mn grant from the government of Japan, US$13mn from the World Bank and US$10mn from the Ethiopian government. It is located in the Rift Valley Lakes Region, which is one among 22 power generator sites in Ethiopia. Dalol, Tendaho, Abi, Tiye, Meleka, Dafan, Fentale, Gedemesa, Tulu, Moye, Aloto Langano, Corbeti and Abaya are the places that have been identified with huge geothermal potential in the country.
Specifically, the government has set a target of 1,000MW from Tendaho and Corbeti geothermal plants alone, added Mengistie.
The project is part of the government's efforts to increase power output to 10,000MW by 2015, in order to meet the rising demand.