Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tecno Favours Ethiopia Ahead of Nigeria to Build its 3rd African Assembly Plant

Investigations have revealed that China-based handset manufacturer, Tecno Group, has concluded plans to build a factory in Ethiopia to enhance its presence in the African market.

Tecno, according to BusinessDay already runs two factories in the Ethiopian capital, but also chose Ethiopia for the ‘third phase’ mobile phone assembly and production plant ahead of Nigeria because of what industry sources linked to as security challenges facing Nigeria.

The group vice president of the mobile phone brand, Arif Chowdhury, had last year assured that the company would build its African plant in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is Tecno’s biggest market in terms of volume, and Lagos will be the location of the plant because Lagos is not just the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria but also the economic capital of Africa.” he'd said in a report.

But reports indicate that the Tecno Group has made significant progress in its factory construction in Ethiopia where it started operations in 2009, and has employed about 400 workers.

It is not clear whether the Tecno Group would still consider Nigeria for assembly plant in the future.