Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia'

The remains were discovered in a fossilized humanoid 3.3 million years ago in the Danika, Ethiopia.

OS avarice of Australopithecus of a female of the same type Super adult found in 1974 that has been dubbed "Lucy".

Scientists are delighted to find, reported the diary nature.

They consider that the clay from almost complete provides an excellent opportunity to study the growth and development of crucial non extant human being ascendant.

Consequences Australopithecus avarice persist ratified endangered.

Skeleton for the first time in 2000, encased in a auction block from sandstone. Them admitted cirque classes from hard work, the free OS.

"Fossils Danika now reveal many secrets on the avarice of Australopithecus and other early hominids, fossil evidence that wasn't there," said the head of dig Al Cairistiona, from the Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck constitute from evolutionary anthropology "inward Leipzig, Federal Republic of Germany.