Friday, September 12, 2014

Blue Nile students at refugee camps complain of Ethiopian syllabus

Blue Nile students at high schools in Bambasi, Tango, Sherkole, and Ashuraa refugee camps in Ethiopia report difficulties sitting for the Ethiopian National Examinations.
‫ Several Blue Nile students have recently concluded examinations using Ethiopian curriculum in Asosa district after being transported from refugee camps.
El Fateh Abdul-Aziz, a student at New Generation University College told Radio Tamazuj Monday that about 7 out of 300 candidates could pass the examinations.
He said students did not adapt to the Ethiopian curriculum, saying the number of Sudanese students who are studying at various higher learning institutions in Ethiopia cannot reach 15 students.
El Fateh further said that the majority of those students depend on their relatives who are abroad, whereas some of them get support from the chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) Malik Agar.
Most of the students who sat for the exams were boys, a source told Radio Tamazuj.