Sunday, November 17, 2013

Walmart wholesaler aims for market domination

-    Ethiopian version of Walmart to open stores next year

Like the American Walmart or the Kenyan Nakumatt Holdings, Alleis set to operate in the wholesale market as an Ethiopian version of a cash and carry business. The privately run Alle will have one billion birr of startup capital, The Reporter has learnt.

According to Joy Muchina, public relations officer, Alle plans to operate three cash and carry stores by the end of 2
014. Muchina told The Reporter that Alle will supply food and near-food products under a single roof.

The recently established Ethiopian Trade Enterprise (ETE), according to Muchina, initiated the creation of Alle, which is said to be an ETE brand. The wholesale supermarket business will host various ventures, Muchina said, but the most prominent player will be owned and managed by Ethiopians.

Alle is currently recruiting the management team from the local, diaspora and international labor markets. The wholesale giant is approaching kiosks, cafes, bars and hotels,Muchina said, promising to complement the current trade market in Ethiopia through business to business relationships.