Friday, August 9, 2013

Athletics Weekly Predicted Ethiopia Will Finish Third in World Athletics Championships

AW looks ahead to the IAAF World Championships in Moscow with event-by-event prediction charts and a medal table.
The world’s greatest athletes will be on the hunt for medals in Moscow from August 10-18 as the IAAF World Championships are held in the Russian city for the first time.

There’s so much going on over the nine days of action you’d be forgiven for not knowing exactly who to watch out for in every single event. Make sure you grab a copy of this week’s AW (pictured, right) as it includes 28 pages of in-depth event-by-event previews plus facts, stats, an event timetable and an interview with Mo Farah, while the below may also come in handy as a bit of a guide.
If you’re already completely clued up then feel free to get social on Facebook and Twitter or leave a comment below this post and let us know how our predictions fare with your own, after all they are only that – predictions!
According to Athletics Weekly predictions, USA will easily top the medal table in Moscow, bagging 13 golds, 11 silvers and nine bronzes to secure their spot, while Russia and Ethiopia could end up with 14 medals apiece. We’ve placed Great Britain & NI sixth with three golds, two silvers and two bronzes.