Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ethiopia must talk on the field – Oupa

Midfielder Oupa Manyisa believes Bafana Bafana can put up a great show despite the odds being against them in their all-important World Cup Qualifying match against Ethiopia on Saturday afternoon.
Speaking from Addis Ababa last night, the midfield-maestro told that the team is aware of the much published talk in media, which suggests the Ethiopians will make it difficult for Bafana to survive in Addis Ababa.

He said although they will not be moved by what has been said about this do or die clash, the group
remains focused at training, and are determined to fight for a good result on Saturday.
“I read in some publications that Ethiopia is promising to stop us from getting a result against them, and that they will beat us and whatsoever, but I think they should wait for the match-day and try to talk on the field rather,” Manyisa says.
“We have been in this game for a while and such talk does not move us. We know it will be tough; that is for sure but we know we can beat them. They are the Group leaders at the moment and I think they achieved that on merit, but to say we will not survive as if we were just any team, I don’t understand that,” he adds.
“Let’s wait and see… we travel to Ethiopia on Friday – so far everything is good. We had a massive win in Central African Republic last Saturday, so we go to Addis Ababa with our morale boosted –Ethiopia can expect a tough challenge from us, that is for sure,” Manyisa concluded.
Ethiopia leads group A with 10 points from three wins and a draw, while Bafana occupies second spot with eight points from two wins, and two draws.