Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Betty Gets Eviction Fever

bettyThe teacher from Ethiopia who is at the same time a diamond housemate and lover to Bolt is greatly feeling out of place.
She does not interact with the other housemates properly, she kind of feels isolated and even when she is with other fellow housemates, she hardly speaks or comments.
Her current behavior in the house might lead to a conclusion that she is suffering from eviction fever, the fact that she’s one of those housemates who were nominated to face possible eviction on Sunday might even drive her nuts.

Perhaps she should try to enjoy all the time she has got in the house, just like the other housemates who were also nominated, Denzel too was also nominated but he’s cool trying to enjoy.
betty1Come on Betty don’t be a crying baby, enjoy the house because you never know these might be your last days in the house.