Friday, May 17, 2013

Exclusive Interview, Cannes 2013: Ethiopian model Liya Kebede talks beauty

We got a chance to catch up with Ethiopian model and actress Liya Kebede while at the Cannes International Film Festival on 16 May 2013.
Liya Kebede is an actress and model of Ethiopian origin and an old hat at Cannes, as she has been here before in her capacity as a L'Oréal ambassador (we actually got a chance to chat with her last year, as well! Check out the interview.)
When we met in the morning for the interview, she was already freshly dressed and elegantly made up.
The stars stay busy at Cannes, but we found the time to talk about all of Liya's beauty tips!
What are the beauty products you can't live without ?
Well, I have a few things that I always think are easy and fun to have. I think a mascara is always important for me. An eyeliner is an easy thing to do. I used to wear Volume Million Lashes by L'Oréal Paris and now I have the False Flutter mascara, which is really cool.
The Superliner Gel Intenza [by L'Oréal Paris] is also really fun and easy, which I like. Oh, and red lipstick!
Do you have any good beauty tips to share with women everywhere?
I think taking care of your skin is really important. I think if you have really good skin you don't have to wear a lot of make-up, so I think it's important to take care of your skin: to make sure that you hydrate, that you use a good cleanser and a good toner. Use a night cream and, the next day, you wake up quite fresh.
In your make-up bag for Cannes, what would we find?

Well, for this season we have all the "L'Or" collection, lots of gold and glamorous colours. I'm going to try some new things tonight-- like the the nail polish! It's really fun, you know. But again, I always have mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and that's kind of my go-to combination.
Which film has been a really memorable source of beauty inspiration for you?
"In the Mood for Love" [by Wong Kar-wai.] I just think it's so incredibly aesthetically beautiful. Every scene, every moment, the light, the costumes and... it was Maggie Cheung, right? She looks incredible at every moment. It's also the way the storyline and everything that is not said is beautiful. All the silence and all those moments and the way he shot them.
What would your perfect red carpet make-up be?
It depends on what I wear. I always look at my outfit, then come up with the hair and make-up look. Sometimes, I want to do the opposite of what I'm wearing-- a clash. If I'm wearing something sweet, then maybe I want to do something a bit more rock'n'roll with my hair and make-up or I do the reverse. So it depends, it always depends.
Tonight, I don't really know what I'm doing yet with my hair and make-up. I know what I'm wearing and I'm trying to think whether I want to do something that goes with the dress or whether I want to do something that kind of offsets it. You always have to search and find it I guess.
What does Cannes and your role as a L'Oréal Paris ambassador mean to you?
I think Cannes is an incredible moment that happens every year. You know, it's bringing such incredible people from all over the world and it's an event that is very much watched by a lot of people. It's very glamorous. It's interesting to be part of the beauty brand that sponsors it. I love the relationship that L'Oréal Paris has with cinema and cinema is very glamorous, very dreamy and it's really nice to be part of that.
And you can be part of it, too, by keeping up with our exclusive Cannes coverage. We'll be on scene until the curtain goes down on the festival on 26 May. So keep tuned in! And, in the meantime, check out our interviews with Julianne Moore and Freida Pinto, Liya's fellow L'Oréal ambassadors. Find out how Freida gets ready for the red carpet here and what role most inspired Julianne, beauty-wise, of course.