Thursday, May 16, 2013

Asabuyegeda religious group sues Filfilu along with 12 comedians.

13 Ethiopian comedians will appear in court on Tuesday for their comedy production “Eyangualele.” Asabuyegeda religious group accused comedians Bereket Bekele (Filfilu), Temesgen Melaku, Tilahun Elfineh, Wanosoch, Muluken Teshome, and others of defaming the religion and presenting it as an organization to promote prostitution. The group also indicates that the comedians misused the materials such as Jebena, coffee cup and burners in a way that disdains the Asabuyegeda religious group. According to Bereket Bekele, the comedians didn’t have an intention to disdain any religion and the comedy work is to entertain the society. Some spectators commented that the materials are Ethiopian traditional heritages and the law suit is ridiculous.