Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ethiopian Housemaid slits woman's throat in revenge Also:another Ethiopian Maid stabs mom and daughter in Saudi

An Ethiopian maid was nabbed by airport security officials as she was attempting to flee the country after allegedly stabbing A Kuwaiti woman.

According to Al Watan Arabic daily, the accused was seeking revenge as the 25-year-old victim had mistreated her.

Recalling the gory details of the crime, the accused said that she attacked the victim while she was asleep. She slit her wrist and neck and stabbed her several times until she succumbed to injuries.

Later, the suspect hid the weapons she used on the rooftop, packed her bags and left for the airport.

However, at the airport security officials noticed injuries on her body and confronted her, and turned her over to cops.

She confessed to deliberately attacking the deceased.

Maid stabs mom and daughter in Saudi

An Ethiopian housemaid stabbed a 17-year-old Saudi girl with a kitchen knife many times before attacking her mother who tried to save her daughter.

The 29-year-old maid jumped on the girl after an argument, pushed her on the floor and started to stab her in various parts of her body at her house in the western Red Sea port of Yanbu, the Arabic language daily Okaz said.

Awakened by the girl’s screams, her mother rushed to save her but the maid stabbed her three times in the face, the paper said.

“A neighbor who heard the screams rushed inside and overpowered the maid before calling the police,” it said, adding that the girl and her mother were hospitalized and the police are investigating the maid’s motives.