Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Swedish Migration Board decided Idol sensation to return to Ethiopia

18-year-old Sharon Abraham from Sundsvall, who became nationally famous by the TV show idol, has now been informed by the Migration Board that she must return to Ethiopia. But it is uncertain whether Ethiopia will receive her.

It was clear that Sharon and some friends visited her Ethiopian Embassy yesterday. The embassy is not ready to issue any travel documents.

- Because Sharon has no passport or identification documents, they said at the embassy that she will not be able to get into Ethiopia, says Åsa Johansson, who is a friend of Sharon and was featured at the embassy yesterday.

Sharon's parents are Eritrean nationals and will from there has been sufficient grounds for asylum. But Sharon was born in Ethiopia.

- If Sharon can prove she is Eritrean national situation will be different. They have other grounds for protection if you come from Eritrea, says Åsa Johansson.

No one knows today was the Sharon family and relatives are in Eritrea. To be sent back to Ethiopia by myself as a young woman is associated with major risks.

- A risk that Saron see is that you become a victim of the slave trade simply. One is moved to another country nearby and treated as a slave, says Åsa Johansson.

She has been waiting for this announcement for quite some time. How does she face told that she will be rejected?

- She says that she can not return there, says Åsa Johansson.