Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Robbers attack Ethiopian maids

Dubai: Three sword-wielding men stormed the brothel of four absconding maids before committing rape and robbery, a court heard on Monday.

The Arab men — a montage artist SA, 27, a football player KS, 20 and a student, AM, 26 — were charged with robbing three mobile phones and Dhs4,700 belonging to the four Ethiopian women — AA, 24, LC, 24, KA, 23 and ST, 28.

They had stormed their apartment on Al Rifa’a area’s Rolla Street brandishing two swords and a knife on the night of Dec.12 last year, prosecutors told Judge Ali Atiyya Saad at the Dubai Criminal Court.

SA was additionally charged with forcing himself on both LC and ST at knifepoint and KS was charged with raping ST. AM was accused of criminal complicity.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian maids were accused of working as prostitutes. The court adjourned the hearing until May 27 after the three men and the four maids denied the charges levelled against them.

AA had complained before prosecutors that while inside the apartment with the other maids, they heard the doorbell ring. “When ST opened the door, the three men pushed their way inside. Both SA and KS brandished swords and AM had a knife.

“They forced us to hand over our mobile phones and cash before demanding that we sleep with them. Each of them chose a maid to abuse. I was the only one who did not get raped,” she said.

Before fleeing the apartment, the men reportedly locked the maids inside and fled with the key. “Fortunately, we had a spare key. We ran out trying to chase them. We spotted them fleeing in a saloon car and I noted its licence plate number. ST contacted the police.”

ST complained that both SA and KS raped her and LC complained that SA raped her. KA gave a similar testimony.

Emirati Lieutenant Ali, 30, revealed that around two hours after the women had reported the incident, the men were nabbed inside the getaway car. “They claimed they had met two of the women on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street and agreed to sleep together.

“The women reportedly led them to the apartment. And that they had a dispute over the money they should pay for the service. They grabbed their belongings and fled.” Ali added that the maids had absconded from their sponsor.