Friday, January 18, 2013

Court endorses Ethiopian maid’s murder confession

JEDDAH — The general court in Jeddah on Sunday has ratified a confession from an Ethiopian housemaid who allegedly killed a 60-year-old disabled man using a chair, iron, knife and weighing scales.

She is also accused of trying to kill two of his children. Saudi Gazette learned that the housemaid admitted carrying out her crime.

She told investigators that she was annoyed by recitation of the Holy Qur’an by family members, despite her identification papers saying she was a Muslim, sources said.

The housemaid was believed to have grown tired of her sponsor and told his wife he was a sick old man who could not help himself.

The wife told her that it was because he is almost disabled and could not move half of his body due to a stroke. He had also had a kidney transplant recently.

Saudi Gazette learned that the housemaid’s confession and evidence would be sent to the Prosecutor General ahead of her trial.

Sources said the housemaid attacked her sponsor while he was asleep and stabbed him in the neck and behind the ear.

She then allegedly hit him with a chair on the head before pounding his body with scales until he was beaten to a pulp.

She then hit him with an iron and stabbed him several times where the kidney transplant was carried out, the sources said.

The two boys came to see what the commotion was and were shocked to see the maid with her clothes stained red, said the sources. They tried to run away but she allegedly pulled one of the boys into the room where the father lay dead.

The other managed to escape to his room and locked himself inside. The maid brought the iron and hit the captured boy with it, the sources said.

It is believed he managed to wriggle out of her clutches and tried to escape while she was throwing everything she could grab at him, including the plates.

He tried to escape to the ground floor but failed, so he found an escape route through the roof and jumped to the roof of his uncle’s house that was next door, the sources said.

Civil Defense personnel were able to open the door of the sitting room where the housemaid had locked herself in, said the sources, adding she was found smiling and sitting cross-legged.