Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kuku Sebsibe Offers New Details On Upcoming Album

Kuku Sebsibe, the veteran female crooner known for her smooth singing style is set to release
her eighth solo album “Chalkubet”, next month.
Kuku has previously worked on five collaboration albums with musicians like Damtew Ayele,
Ephrem Tamiru, Tewodros Tadesse, Wubesehet Assefa and Alemayehu Eshete. She actually
began her vocal career with Alemayehu in her signature song “Engedaye Nesh”.        
The Album of 15 songs which took at least three years to finish, contains lyrics written by
established songwriters such as Yilma Gebreab, Moges Teka and Abebe Berhane. The musical
arrangement for the album was done by Abiy Arka and will feature traditional and modern
instruments, including Kirar, Masinko as well as the base guitar and live saxophone.
Kuku said the album had difficulty getting released early on, because of the wilting number of
record companies as well as the inertia of the existing ones.
“Nowadays singers have become more numerous as well as music houses, however record
companies like Electra and Ambasel which nominally exist, seem to be inactive,” said Kuku
adding that the coming of Adika into the music business has been a savior to  a many new and
established musicians.

Out of the 15 songs on the new album, one is to be sung in Afan Oromiffa while the rest will be
in Amharic. The majority songs have a high tempo “Chik Chika” melody but with two songs
taking on a slow music.
She is also set to release two video albums in conjunction with the album to be followed by
other videos to be made for the “Oromiffa” song and others.              
Kuku said her upcoming song will feature issues such as excitement in love, heartbreak and
forgiveness and life’s melancholy.
Commenting on the contrast between current musicians and those from the “old school” Kuku
said before musicians needed to have a gift in voice and able to play with a full band, while
modern musicians need not have a discernable voice and can sing with a synthesized backup
and with little or no need for big musical bands.
However she said while she regrets that traditional singing has been largely ignored, leading to
some embarrassment, on stage she nevertheless says it’s one step ahead for the music
industry. Kuku had been performing on Saturdays at the “Jazzamba club” in the premises of
Etege Taitu hotel for the last couple months.  
The album release is also set to be accompanied with concert tours in Ethiopia, Europe and
North America.
Ephrem Damtew will also have an album released by Adika Communications and Events