Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ethiopian Housemaid jailed one year for stealing $273,290.00 USD

Dubai: A housemaid was jailed for a year after she decided to hit the wheels of fortune quickly and illegally and robbed Dh1 million from her sponsor.
The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 30-year-old Ethiopian housemaid, K.W., of stealing Dh1 million while her sponsor was working out on the treadmill.
The accused had pleaded guilty alleging that she only carried out the heist after her compatriot friend promised to buy her a property in her homeland.
“The accused will be deported after serving her judgment,” said Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad.

The defendant said she did not count the stolen money when she defended herself in court.
Prosecutors said K.W. stole the key of the safe from her sponsor’s purse while the latter was working out. Then she opened the safe and stole money and jewelry and absconded.
The judge also referred the sponsor’s civil lawsuit to the Dubai Civil Court.
An Emirati police corporal testified that an informant alerted them that the defendant was present in her residence. He said police arrested K.W. in front of her house.
K.W. admitted that her countryman friend, M.M., asked her to steal the money after he promised to buy her a house in Ethiopia.
Prosecution records quoted the defendant saying: “I hid the money and jewelry in a handbag and left. I jumped into a taxi and called M.M. He picked me up and we went to Al Rashidiya where I handed him the moneybag. Then he gave me Dh200,000. He gave me some jewelry before I went out of his car. The next day he met me again and asked me to return the Dh200,000 because he needed to travel to Ethiopia. He promised to buy for me a house. He gave me Dh3,000 for my personal expenses.”
The corporal claimed that K.W. admitted during questioning that she did not know how much she stole.
Prosecution records said a number of Ethiopian individuals were involved in the case but was not aware that the money was stolen.
Yesterday’s judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.