Monday, July 30, 2012

420 Ethiopian Refugees Riot at Yemen Refugee Camp

The Yemeni authorities controlled on Monday a riot by African refugees who protested their bad conditions in the Kharaz refugee camp in Lahj province, the September 26 website reported.
About 420 Ethiopian refugees, who were earlier transferred from Dhamar province, closed all roads to the refugee camp and its gate preventing the UN staff and staffs of other agencies from leaving and entering it, the website said.
The Ethiopians were demanding to improve their conditions, and the authorities controlled the situation, the website quoted a source at the camp as saying.
It is the second time the Ethiopian refugees were rioting, the source continued, urging to take action to prevent any outlawed acts in the camp, according to the website.
Yemen continues to receive many African refugees, mostly from Somalia and other horn of Africa countries, on daily bases.
Earlier this year, the authorities said more than one million African refugees have arrived in the country in the past few decades and the persistent influx of Africans adds to a range crises faced in Yemen.
More recently, the authorities launched urgent measures to prevent the on-foot movements of African refugees among the Yemeni cities in a move which appeared to be within the steps to fight illegal activities and grouping.
Reports have also warned Africans are a key reason for pandemic spread in the country.