Friday, April 17, 2015

Tanzanian authorities deport Ethiopian suspected of human trafficking

An Ethiopian suspected of involvement in human trafficking crimes had been arrested in Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian commercial capital and deported to Ethiopia Thursday through the joint efforts of the Tanzanian police and Interpol.
The suspect, named as, Dejene Flate, was apprehended while trying to traffic 64 Ethiopians from Dar es Salaam to South Africa, with one of the victims was found dead.

The suspect was alleged to have previously trafficked thousands of his fellow citizens to South Africa via Kenya and Tanzania and to some countries in the Middle East. Going with the nickname Teddy, the suspect had hidden his identity and was at large for many years.

The Director of the Ethiopian Federal Police, Interpol Department Head, Girmay Kahasay, said the suspect was apprehended with the help of Ethiopians living in Dar es Salaam.

Two weeks ago, Interpol and the Kenyan police also handed over two Ethiopian women suspected of human trafficking. Court proceedings are ongoing against the suspects who were alleged to have trafficked thousands of Ethiopians to South Africa and Middle East.