Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ethiopian Airlines makes emergency landing in Mumbai airport

An Ethiopian Airlines Kenton-Addis Ababa flight had to make two emergency landings at Mumbai’s International Terminal on Tuesday.
On Tuesday eagerly morning, Ethiopian Airlines' flight ET 607 was en route to Addis Ababa from Canton/Guangzhou in China when it had to make an emergency landing in Mumbai to refuel at around 4.15 am.
The flight took off at 7.30 am as soon as the refueling was completed, but after around hour-and-half the same aircraft had to return and make a second emergency landing in Mumbai at around 8.50am . This time the cause of the emergency landing was some engine trouble.
This flight, which had 283 passengers and 14 crewmembers on board, had to de-boarded them all. Indian customs officials then conducted a complete immigration clearance process before transferring the passengers to a hotel since the aircraft was still under repair.