Saturday, April 18, 2015

Media Crackdown in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's parliamentary elections are set to be held May 24th, but there is little doubt the ruling party will win an overwhelming majority amidst a crackdown on independent media and political dissidents. This week on Global Journalist, we look at why and how the restrictions on the media in Africa's second-most populous country began, and speak with a journalist who spent more than a year in prison for reporting.
This week's guests include:
  • Martin Schibbye, a Swedish journalist and co-author of thebook, "438 Days," chronicling his time in prison.
  • Endalk Chala, a co-founder of Zone 9, a group of bloggers advocating human rights and free speech in Ethiopia.
  • Leslie Lefkow, the deputy director at Human Rights Watch's Africa division
This week's show is audio-only.