Monday, June 10, 2013

Charity event for a musical legend Abebe Melese

Abebe Melese
A fund-raising concert to save the life of the renowned musician Abebe Melese  is slated to be held on June 15 at Laphto Mall.
Organized by the Ethiopian Music Association, the event is titled ‘wuleta’ (favour).  Famous musicians performing at the evening event include Mahmoud Ahmed, Tewodros Kassahun, a.k.a. Teddy Afro, Tsehaye Yohannes, Tsegaye Eshetu, Aster Kebede, Hailye Tadesses and Madingo Afework. The artists will be accompanied by one of the prominent bands-Ras band.
Born and raised in Bahir-Dar, Abebe started writing songs and lyrics at an early age.
He spent most of his life in the field of music and has achieved legendary status by composing more than 2,000 songs and writing lyrics for them.

His style covers all Ethiopian modes – ambassel, anchihoye, tizita and bati.
His beautiful songs have been performed by prominent musicians including Tilahun Gessese, Mahmoud Ahmed, Tsehaye Yohannes, Muluken Melesse, Newy Debebe and Hamelmal Abate.
Last year, his kidneys failed. Now he is receiving kidney dialysis every three days. More than 10 Ethiopians have offered their kidney for transplants. Since kidney transplantations are expensive, the music association is organizing this concert, and other fund-raising events are planned.
The entrance fee is 400 birr for regular attendants and 600 birr for VIP. The proceedings will go directly to the medical procedure.
Apart from the concert, fans have set up a Face book page to raise money.
An account in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has been opened by Dawit Yifru, Tsegaye Eshetu and Hailye Tadesse, with donations starting from five birr.