Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meles body to move to Mesqel Square

he body of Ethiopia's late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi's body will be moved to the open air - Meskel Square, to allow Ethiopians to view the body and to express their grief and condolences, as record crowds thronged the presidential palace.

Meles' body has been lying in state at the presidential palace but security concerns at prompted authorities to move the body to an open square.

The body will lie at Meskel Square for three days from, Thursday.

Meskel Square is a popular venue for big demonstrations, rallies and other national activities and has the potential to accommodate close to a million people.

Various halls and tents have been set up at districts level, as the country goes through a time of national mourning and patriotism.

Ethiopia's national television, radios and other private radio stations have been broadcasting special programmes since last week.

The national television has also been broadcasting live from the palace and providing updates from outside the capital.

Musicians and artists have also released various video clips in memory of the late leader. The documentaries show Meles's fight against poverty, as well as development vision for the country.