Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kuwait police officer charged with assaulting Ethiopian woman, attempted murder

DUBAI: A Kuwait police officer has been charged with attempted murder and assault of an Ethiopian woman.

The officer was reportedly arrested after he tried to kill the Ethiopian woman, allegedly his girlfriend, in the Salmiya district.

According to police reports, the man left the woman with heavy bruising.

The Ethiopian woman, police said, was shoved repeatedly and pushed from the first floor of the flat she was living in.

The officer then fled the scene of the crime after the woman did not die.

Police in Kuwait said the attempted murder and assault was the result of a jealous rage after the man accused the woman of cheating on him.

“The man was arrested with possession of a toy gun and live ammunition, while the victim was admitted to the Mubarak Hospital with a heavily bruised face and multiple injuries,” the Kuwait Times reported.