Thursday, January 22, 2015

WDR3 of Germany featured Ethiopian Traditional Music Live-Listen Here

Bielefeld Wednesday concert of the musical cultures of live music from the coffee highlands - a simple sound world of 5-tone scale, globally estimated precisely because of their conservative rigor.
Non-Arab nor a colored poppy African-world beat, but genuinely African music of Azmaris.

These are the traditional Ethiopian troubadours. Like their medieval European colleagues, she sang the exploits of the powerful, and paying for, and those women beauty. Even the dance they played: with lyre and lute painted spit.

Today, in the urban scenery of Addis Ababa and most of metropolitan districts of the Ethiopian Diaspora to contemporary forms of music are electrified with Azmaris.

Martha Teferra takes over as krar singer worthy of the artistic heritage of the legendary Asnakech Worku. Dejen Manchilot sees itself as impromptu Sängerpoet from the milieu of the traditional honey wine bars. And the krar Collective from London maintains a modernized world music diaspora Azmari style.

"Wednesday concerts of music cultures" in Bielefeld:

Live from the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle

Martha Teferra Mekonnen - vocals, shell lyre krar
Dejen Manchelot - spit sounds Masenqo

Krar Collective:
Assefa - Voice
Temesgen Zeleke - E-krar
Girum Bagashew - percussion

Presented by Barbara Wrenger

Editor: Mr. Fuhrmann
(Translated with Google Translate)