Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ethiopian killer maid gets death sentence

A penal court in Taif has sentenced an Ethiopian maid to death for killing her woman sponsor with an ax.
The woman has launched an appeal against the verdict, according to a report in an online publication on Wednesday. The incident, which occurred in 2013, saw the maid strike her sponsor eight times on the head as she prayed Dhuhr in her house in Musailat village in southern Taif.

Ati bin Attiya Al-Qurashi, spokesman of Makkah Police, said investigations revealed that the maid, who is in her 30s, committed the crime with the intention to steal. A sum of SR7,000 was found in her possession when she was arrested.

Meanwhile, the husband of the victim has welcomed the verdict and asked for the speedy implementation of the punishment.
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