Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tewodros Tadesse to perform in Addis

The iconic Ethiopian artist, Tewodros Tadesse, is scheduled to perform in Addis Ababa after his album release in the US.  
He has a plan to launch a double album, ‘Tilantna ena Zare’, at the end of June. In this album, Tewodros wrote and composed all the songs in addition to producing the album. All in all, the double album will have 22 songs and one part of the album will be the collection of his previous works. 
This year, Tewodros created his own record label, Yo Yo, records with his wife, Yodit Shibru.
Born and raised in Addis Ababa, the 49-year-old Tewodros was able to transcend age gaps and reach people from different age groups and is loved by varied audience.

Having started music in a church choir, his big break came when he was invited to a wedding to sing Muluken Melesse’s ‘Wasa Megena. This left a mark on his singing career.
When he started performing, he was doing cover songs of renowned artists. The feedback was encouraging for him, so his first album, ‘Lubanjaye’, easily broke the market. It did not take him that long to become a household name though. His consecutive albums ‘Eyekorekoregn’, ‘Sadulaye’ also became a huge success.
 Many of his songs are like national anthems which are sang by people from different age groups, especially the song ‘Emeye Ethiopia’ was somehow unforgettable. He toured many countries, taking the stage with his unique, vivacious voice.
His fifth album, ‘Semeto Zzemale’, was also done before he left for the US, but the album was released after he arrived in Virginia. During his stay abroad, he performed in many places and also revealed in many interviews how life was not easy for him there.
Many music critics say his 1997 album, ‘Zimita’, was different from his previous ones as it was more influenced by jazz and also gave new sound to his fan.
Even though he started working on his album starting from 1998, the hurdles in his life got the better of him and could not focus on his album work. Returning to Ethiopia was a different phenomenon, he says. His fans, which have not seen him for the last 17 years, overwhelmed him by showing up at the airport and expressed their love by hugging and greeting him.
During his stay in Ethiopia, he performed in different venues before going back to the states. In 2009, he established an independent studio. Now residing in the States, Tewodros performs in different venues in the states. Tewodros Tadesse, as the vice president of Yo Yo records, is aiming to represent Ethiopian music on the international stage.
The album targets Ethiopians and the world music audience, who also have the test for alternative music apart from the mainstream popular beats. After the album release, the artist has a plan to tour different parts of the world.