Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nigeria qualified for the World Cup through FIFA's help- Sewnet Bishaw

Former Ethiopia coach Sewnet Bishaw has alleged that Nigeria qualified for the World Cup tournament with the aid of world football governing body,FIFA.

Bishaw was in charge of the Ethiopian national team when Nigeria defeated his country in the World Cup qualifiers to make the global football tournament.

The Super Eagles beat Ethiopia 2-1 in Addis Ababa and 2-0 in Calabar to qualify for the World Cup alongside four other African countries to represent the continent.

The 62-year old who was relieved of his duties for failing to steer the Walya Antelopes to World Cup qualification,said that FIFA was responsible for their failure to qualify.

“FIFA didn’t want us (Ethiopia) to qualify (for the World Cup) because who knows Ethiopian football and who wants us to qualify when we were playing against the current African Champions,” the coach told Football411 in an interview.

“We played our hearts out and we wanted to win and qualify for the World Cup but FIFA didn’t like that. They awarded penalties for them (Nigeria) which were never penalties, and these things happens because FIFA wants them to qualify for the World Cup.

“It was a shame for Ethiopian football because we fought from the (first) blast of the whistle to the end. For me, Nigeria didn’t deserve to qualify because they were aided by FIFA, which is not good for the game of football.”