Monday, April 14, 2014

Maritu Legesse on Sheger FM with Meaza Biru-Interview

Meaza Biru of Sheger FM expressed her Happiness at the end of her interview with Maritu Legesse, the Queen of Amharic Traditional Music. Let me express my gratitude for Meaza, who always amazed me with her weekly interviews with personalities from all walks of life. Maritu Legesse, a well known Amharic Traditional singer was born in Wollo north east of Ethiopia, a rich & culturally diversified region. She began singing where she raised, married & gave birth for her ten children. She experienced music with Bati,Anchi Hoye,Tizita & Ambassel.

The Lyrics of her music originated from her source, tells the life philosophy of her time.she travelled all over the world with the ''Hizib le Hizib'' campaign, organized with the aim of recognizing countries who supported Ethiopia during the 1977 famine. After she relocated to the USA, her career overshadowed. She is not the only one who lost her reputation after she moved to the USA. Our poverty, economic deprivation & political confutation killed the talents of Tewodros Tadesse,MuluQen Melesse,Teshome Mitiku and so on. Maritu, the Queen, laid her own Hall of Fame within the hearts of Amharic Traditional Music fans.but for the time being she is far from her roots. She still has her amazing Sound, energy & Love for music. I wish Mulatu Astatke or Abrham Wolde gave her a chance to produce something new. Finally I want to declare my appreciation for Meaza.

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