Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ethiopian Maid jailed for dumping newborn baby in deserted house

A maid who abandoned her newborn in a deserted house in the UAE has been jailed for a year.

Dibba Criminal Court handed down the sentence to the Ethiopian woman after finding her guilty of an illegal affair and endangering the life of her baby boy. She had left the child in an empty building near her employer’s home in Dibba Al Hisn. The child survived for four days before being found by the brother of the maid’s Emirati boss.
Prosecutors said the infant boy was the product of the woman’s illicit relationship with an Arab man. Her lover was sentenced to six months in jail for having an illegal affair. Investig
ations revealed that the woman abandoned the child immediately after she gave birth.
Dibba Al Hisn Police said the brother found the child after hearing the boy’s cries, and he called police.
Prosecutors told the court the boy was in a bad condition when found due to being exposed to cold weather and having not been fed for days.
The maid admitted in court that she delivered the baby boy by herself. She said she had abandoned the newborn because she feared what happen to her as she got pregnant through an illegal affair.
She admitted that she had left him to die.