Monday, April 8, 2013

Yemen deports 300 Ethiopians Yemen deported about 300 Ethiopians in the past few days who infiltrated to Yemen lands illegally.  
On Friday, the Yemeni authorities arrested about 105 Ethiopian infiltrators in  Haradh district and they were suspended in a military camp.
The Interior Ministry states that it directed the security authorities in Haja to send them to the Immigration and Passport Authority in order to deport them.
According to the ministry, Africans arrive in the provinces of Taiz, Shabwa, Hadramout, Abyan, Hajjah and Hodeida on a daily average of 200-300 persons.
It stated that Yemen is hosting about one million Africans, who fled to the country over the past few decades from horn of Africa countries, mostly from Somalia.
"Only 20% of the refugees, mostly Somalis, are usually sent to the Kharaz refuge in Lahj province, while the remaining infiltrate into Yemen cities" it added.