Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ethiopian Housemaid, who killed co-worker, smiles on hearing death sentence

Victim was stabbed several times to death in July

 A 28-year-old Ethiopian maid was convicted of premeditated stabbing to death her co-worker and compatriot and was given the death penalty.

FYO smiled when she heard the verdict announced by presiding judge Maher Salamah Al Mahdi.

According to the records, on July 9, FYO got hold of the victim HSS, Ethiopian, alone in their employer’s wardrobe room where she stabbed her several times in her face, neck and belly wanting to kill her.

Other workers heard screams of the two women coming from the wardrobe room located in the yard of the villa. They tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. The women inside were fighting and screaming. Both of them did not respond to the workers’ shouts to open the door. One of the workers climbed a ladder and from the bathroom’s small window saw traced of blood in the basin. So they called the police while the women’s screams stopped.

MI, 48, Indian cook, testified that he was in the kitchen preparing food with other workers.

“Anisa came to us and told about hearing screams coming out from the wardrobe room in the yard. We rushed there and heard loud screams of two women. The room’s door was locked from inside. I heard a voice that lasted for about 10 minutes before it stopped and then everything was quiet.

“The door was still locked from inside. I brought a ladder and broke the glass of the bathroom adjacent to the wardrobe room. I saw blood in the basin, so we called the police who came after about 40 minutes and the door was broken. Police took us to another place and started checking the scene,” he testified.

Anisa BS, 35, Indonesian maid, testified that she was sleeping in the room next to her employer’s villa and woke up at around 9.50 after hearing screams coming from the bathroom of the wardrobe room which was adjacent to her room.

“I tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. I rushed to the kitchen and informed the other workers who all rushed to the scene and called upon the women who were still shouting and quarrelling to open the door but without any response. MI then broke the window of the bathroom and saw blood.

“When I woke up at 9am and went to the bathroom, the accused FYO was cleaning the wardrobe’s mirrors and that was the first time I saw her doing that,” she testified.

SJF, 25, maid testified that at around 10am the victim HSS was still sleeping while Anisa was awake but still lying in bed as she had toothache.

“I went to the bathroom in the adjacent wardrobe room and saw the accused was cleaning the mirrors. I greeted her and entered the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The victim HSS entered the bathroom after me and the accused was still in the room. I went into the villa to start my work and after about 15 minutes one of the workers came and told me about the two women fighting in the wardrobe room. I rushed there and then police arrived,” she testified.

Breaking open the door, police found two women inside the room. One of them seemed to be dead and the other was still alive with a steel bar stuck in her neck.

Police found blood stains in different places in the room and  bathroom.

There was a knife next to the body of the dead woman. The door’s lock seems to have been smashed from inside. The accused, who was seriously injured, herself removed the steel bar in her neck after reaching Rashid Hospital, according to the records.

Forensic reported that the dead woman had serious injuries in her neck and belly that caused her death.

The accused confessed to killing the victim. Records did not mention the reason for her crime.

Criminal Evidences reported that the blade of the knife carried the DNA of the victim while its handle carried the DNA of the accused.