Monday, March 25, 2013

Ethiopian Maids caught hiding cash and gold in pillows jailed

Two Ethiopian maids who stole cash worth Dh254,971 as well as gold jewellery and watches and hid them inside their pillows have been awarded three months of jail each.
The Dubai Court of First Instance also ordered the duo to be deported after they completed their jail terms.

According to the records, the two maids SAA, 25, HFB, 26, exploited their position of trust when their employer’s family moved into a new house. They knew that the cash and the jewellery was kept in bags in a wardrobe.

“We moved to a new house and then I had to attend my grandmother’s mourning…. I did not have time to deposit the amount in the bank and to properly secure the gold,” testified the wife, MDS, 53, an Emirati teacher.
“On January 15, I saw the bags were in the wardrobe before going to work at 7.15am…. After returning home and at around 4.30pm I needed some money…. Upon opening the wardrobe in my bedroom I did not see the bags. I checked with my mother who was in the house if she had seen the bags. She answered negatively so we informed the police who searched the house and found the cash and the jewellery stuffed in the maid’s pillows.
"The two confessed and said they had hidden some of the jewellery in the store,” she testified.
Police confiscated about 160 pieces of gold and eight precious watches and the cash amount in the possession of the two maids who confessed to stealing them and getting rid of the bags in the garbage bin.