Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Desta Reopens After Owners of the Ethiopian Restaurant on Greenville, Shot to Death on the Porch of Their East Dallas Home

Last weekend Tizeta Getachew and Yemi Lemma quietly reopened the doors to their brother's restaurant Desta. The North Dallas Ethiopian restaurant was unexpectedly shuttered when owners Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta were killed in a shooting after an evening shift last summer.
Getachew and Yemi Lemma obviously had close personal ties with the restaurant, so when the landlord offered the opportunity to take over the lease they jumped on it.

"We were aware how the place was ran and wanted to keep things that way," said Getachew, who worked at the restaurant when it originally opened. The menu hasn't changed, and many of the staff who worked at Desta before the closure have returned.
"We never wanted to let go, " said Getachewm when asked if she ever second-guessed her decision to leave her job as a director of a shelter to keep the restaurant open. "Next to their son, this is their only living legacy."