Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zeresenay Alemseged and Ethiopian and Eritrean descent Isaac Kinde listed among 50 Sexiest Scientists Alive!

Zeresenay (Zeray) Alemseged

Age: 43
Position: Paleoanthropologist and chair and senior curator of Anthropology at the California Academy of Sciences
Institution: California Academy of Sciences
Education: Ph.D. in paleoanthropology from Pierre and Marie Curie University; M.Sc. in evolution from the University of Montpellier II; B.Sc. in geology from Addis Ababa University
Nationality: Ethiopian
Zeresenay Alemseged is an Ethiopian paleoanthropologist who studies the origins of humanity in the Ethiopian desert, focusing on the emergence of childhood and tool use. His most exciting find was the 3.3-million-year-old bones of Selam, a 3-year-old girl from the species Australopithecus afarensis.
By studying these bones, Alemseged is helping us determine the timeline of human evolution — how we came to be and spread across the Earth, 7 billion strong.
Fun fact: He speaks five languages.

Isaac Kinde

Age: 29
Position: Graduate/medical student
Institution: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Education: Current M.D./Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; B.S. in biological sciences from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Nationality: American, first-generation of Ethiopian and Eritrean descent
As a graduate student at Johns Hopkins, Kinde is working on improving the accuracy of genetic sequencing so that it can be used to diagnose cancer at an early stage in a simple, noninvasive manner. Sequencing improvements can also be applied to pre-natal genetic testing and personalized therapeutics — for example scanning your genes to improve treatment outcomes based on your individual mutations.
In 2007 he worked with Bert Vogelstein, who just won the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.
Fun fact: He's an avid biker, coffee drinker and occasional video game player.