Monday, October 8, 2012

Coffee Table Book: Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow a project by Elias Wondimu of Tsehai Publishers

Wayna Wondwossen: From Political Speechwriter to Grammy-Nominated Musician
The hopes and aspirations, struggles and triumphs of an amazing generation of Ethiopians
Ethiopia – a country conjuring images of ancient civilizations and the birthplace of humanity; of long distance runners and coffee beans; the oldest independent African nation.

These images are commonly contrasted in the media with those of disease, starvation, and poverty––the media narrative of Ethiopia is one of deprivation and desperation.

At Tsehai Publishers, we wish to present a different Ethiopian narrative––that of the individual. Through these individuals we hope to find the narrative of the future within the context of the present, the fight for tomorrow happening today.

Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow, our most recent project and our first coffee table book, presents this narrative through firsthand accounts of extraordinary Ethiopians seizing their moment, building meaningful lives, and re-inventing their presence on a complex world stage.

Dinaw Mengestu: MacArthur Genius Fellow, Writing on Faith
The stories presented in this book are those of immigrants, expatriates, deportees, orphans, and refugees. Of those who chose academia, science, food, medicine, art, media, law, business, and music as means to achieve something greater than themselves. Of those who seek to distinguish themselves not just as individuals, but as members of a global community with a proud heritage.

Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow presents a series of inspirational, intimate profiles, providing readers a chance to see the courage and triumphs of some of the brightest leaders of the Ethiopian diaspora. Many found themselves isolated in new countries after being removed from their homeland. Through it all, these individuals exhibited incredible bravery––their lives are remarkable tales of personal triumph that illustrate the importance of individual histories. Their stories are at once intimate and universal.

For those with no connection to Ethiopia, the book provides a perfect gateway to this complex, fascinating culture. For many with a connection to the country, it represents a form of justice, a voice for the Ethiopian people. For parents and communities that nurtured these individuals, a testament to their own achievement. For young readers, a dose of inspiration.
Mimi Alemayehou:  From Hotel Clerk to Government Executive 

We believe you will love this book. We also believe the stories speak for themselves. Here are a few previews of some of the individuals profiled in Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow:

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