Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ethiopian Housemaid delivers stillborn baby on way to exit country

An Ethiopian housemaid who was about to deliver told her employers in Kuwait she no longer wanted to work in the emirate and decided to return home. On the way to the airport, she aborted a dead infant.

Her employer told police she had just finished visa procedures for the maid when she told her she wanted to return home.

“I tried to persuade her to stay but she insisted on going back to Erhiopia,” the woman said, quoted by Alanba daily.

“I asked the driver to take her to the airport but he later told me she delivered a stillborn baby in the car.”

Police arrested the maid and are expected to deport her since she had an illegitimate relationship outside Kuwait. The paper said the maid wanted to deliver in Ethiopia as she realized having a baby outside marriage is a crime in the Gulf emirate.